About Wholesale Partners

Wholesale Partners Pte Ltd.

(Chan Brothers Group of Companies)

Wholesale Partners (WSP) provides a dedicated online booking system for agents to book from complicated group tour series to simple travel packages on instant confirmation in easy steps. All tours are carefully assembled for maximum quality standards. The system uses technology to drive optimum marketing and communication effectiveness. The sharing of operating and tour management costs reduces agents operating time and costs and the automated price maximiser improves our clients operating profits. Our users have consistently feedback:

  1. strong reduction in procurement, operating and marketing costs
  2. more time to focus on the market and consumer
  3. consistent increase in transactions
  4. repeat customers due to quality tours experienced
  5. overall growth in business efficiency and profitability

Our leading and in-house tour operator; Chan Brothers Travel, is a leading tour operator, one of the largest and most reliable in South East Asia since 1965. All tour products are carefully crafted, itineraries analysed and tested to ensure your customers receive the best values and experiences.

Other tour operators are carefully sourced so that they add more values and options and strengthens the position of WSP as our client’s singular tour marketing and booking platform.

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